Tri-R and Maximum Overdrive Kennels

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Tri-R and Maximum Overdrive Akitas Buyers' Gallery


Eric wanted to increase his Akita family and has come back for TRI~R MAXO'S AKAMARU KAJI "This red circle of fire is called Wyatt" and his Wartrek pup Tanima is at home waiting for them


Matt received Christmas early and the whole family lucks out with his Little Gift


Hiro went home with Raphael and Maria after his sister in law found Nikita

Nikita has found two homes with Maria and her children and with Raphael Uncle and trainer.

Bear and Kara's Sookie go home with Van Marquis to join his family.

Rashii is the pretty girl that stole Del's heart and fill the void left by the one he lost.

Kara is now a retired princess at home with Chris

Flash went home with Brian and the kids to Valerie and Ren now the family is complete.

We want to thank Donna & Gene for the wonderful home they gave Kasumi, we will miss her. These pups from Kuqui and Kinzo will start their new family we are proud to know the Reeds and happy to have these beautiful pups in their home.


The Ramirez family picked our Strawberry aka Hana, she is now a family member and a partner to their Daughter.

Asahi is going to his new home with Tonya and Ron and will be growing up with the newest member of the family their new son.

This new show home started with Josey and now Shiirei aka Maggie has joined them. We are happy to see them at shows and looking forward to great things from them.

Christmas in the Collier home was full of puppy love. All three from Skunk & BB are at home with bells and bows.

Hisakata's new family
It was a Unanimous decision the whole Eitzen family wanted Hisakata to come home with them. When we show in Ft. Smith we'll get to see her growing up.

Finally, after watching his Nikita grow up Richard Murphy brings her home to meet her new family. This family is complete with new playmates and Grandma YoYo to learn from.

Phantom has made a new friend in Dallas Newman, he just might turn out to be another "Jar Head" Hoo Rah!

Midnight has found a very special home with John, his family has known Akitas since the 1970's

This is Onigen and Charles Brantley, we hear Oni has a girlfriend waiting at home. We can't wait for some picture updates.

The Baker family have once again opened their home to one of our puppies TRI~R MAXO'S SASHA AKIRA

The Haines family too have also come to us again to fill the gap in their heart left their by Kodi I with their new baby TRI~R MAXO'S KODAI NO MIKATA KIZOKU.
Thank you both for believing in us and our puppies and for visiting our family.

Jean brought Sachi Ko back for a visit she is growing beautifully, Jean also came to make a couch potato out of our Beauty behind the mask Bijin. I'm told she fits in nicely. Thank you for making her feel right at home.


Alphonso Maurice Banton meeting Mr. T at the Indianapolis Airport, his daughter and sister are ecstatic, and said "It's just like Christmas all over again!"

Tammy Thomason (Tonya Reeves sister) could not pass up Seiko, he is the De ja vu lookalike to her beloved Sable. Paris TX will never be the same as Seiko steals their hearts.

Tonya Reeves and her mom came to Harrison AR to see our stars in action and pick up Kerah Mitsuko. The entire neighborhood awaits their arrival home in Shreveport LA.

The Mendozas, Susan, Kagen and Emily also came to Harrison AR to help show our stars and pick up their new baby Shinkoo. The weekend was a blast and a success despite the rainy ending.

Dr. Crow and his family came to visit, eat some barbeque, and fall in love with Maiku.

Jean and Sachi Ko got off to a great start and are doing great at home with Mandy, Jean's other 8 year old puppy.

Mike and Karen Landry came all the way to Grove, OK to get their Kodiak, they even got to see some of our stars in action.


Joann is so pleased with the last MyJika pup from Utah, Georgie-Ann couldn't be happier to find her perfect home.

Klondike is Monte and Kathy's "Aisukuri-Mu" or Ice cream Bear and he loves to go with them fishing.

Todd Budd and his son introduce Sampson to his Dalilah she looked like she could take him. Just like she took hold of their hearts.

Retirement to couch potatoe status with Donna and Gene is a perfect fit. Just look at her smile.

MyJika's Hizoku Takeshi from Utah out of Mystery and Ojika found a great home with the Hall family he couldn't wait to meet his new playmate.


Angie and Ojika
Mystery needed a partner, which Ojika gladly filled the vacancy. They produced a gorgeous litter & we welcomed Mimi to the TRI~R MAXO clan.
Way to go Sir Humps alot junior !

No matter how long it takes to get a picture we are thrilled to get them and put them on the site. This is Musashi in Revere MA with his new mom, his proud dad is behind the camera. He is pictured in February and again in July 2008

Akiko will stay part of the family with WarTrek Akitas, Tammy, Ryan, Beckah & Lucas.

Gin Taihou went home to Chicago with the Mitchell Family for an early Christmas present.

Mark & Michelle found true love with Shima, we are proud to have matched her so perfectly.

Amy & Patrick McCormick have a special bond with our little Kasa. She has become a farm girl in Oklahoma

Becky & Tim felt it wasn't too long of a drive to pick up our little Muki who's happy now in Cheyenne, WY.

Colleen & Tom came with Butch's new girlfriend Zena and Butch has been renamed Thor.

Sarah, with Kuzu is a recent graduate with a degree in Applied Sciences also has an experienced hand with animals growing up FFA

Mike and Andrea Wilder welcoming home their new addition in Budd Lake New Jersey.

Tom & Elizabeth came all the way from Wisconsin and showed true commitment to become Kozo's new parents.


Tiny & Comptons
Tiny has her perfect new home with Steve & Marilyn Compton her new job is now to be spoiled rotten.

Justin and Shea have made M-n-M's life complete adopting her into their home.

At the age of 8, Ben finally graces us with a litter with our International Champion Zora Boomer has gone to Port Huron MI to live with Don Woodruff and his family.

Once again, another true couch potato joins Scooby Doo Chin joins our other two in Romeo MI

Larry Kuykendall opted for an elaborate ruse for his daughter Alexandra by telling her that we were sold out, but she woke to find what she didn't want a Ty Beanie baby until our little Kimo moved and gave her a kiss. They are now happily ever after in Chicago.

Melissa with Ryu in Arizona at MacLeod Akitas. I hear Ryu has his own harem I know he'll be happy.

Kiyoshi is now residing with Jillian Coglan and family in the Cedar Rapids IA area.

Kozo and Hilda in sunny Oakland CA. She had to wait a bit for the right connection but it was well worth it by the look on her face.

Miji goes to the Madison WI area with Nichol and family I have no doubt that Ben and Zora's little girl will be well spoiled.

To our surprise one of Jillian's friends could not be happier with our Nike out of Zora and Sato. I think they will love the play dates Jennifer and Jillian can come up with in the Iowa City area.

Great timing on one CA delivery, why not make it two. Laura Flores and family just love our little Splash and she is just close enough to visit her bro in Oakland Lodi is just a stones throw away.

Our masked man finds his home in the Capital Heights area of MD with Tia Clark and family, way to go Ninja.

Rippana Shojo finds she's welcome in any of three homes between Indianapolis, IL, or WI Danyel Lachermeier feels she is up to the task with her beauty from Hoshi and Sato.

Taimatsu and Eric of PA begin a perfect friendship by welcoming in his youngest together, Congrats on both new additions to your family.

Tora Me is Jennifer and Charles brindle delight in Baldwin City KS

Jacques, Denita and son are a happy new family in the Arlington VA area.

The best things in life are worth waiting for, Tora found her perfect family with Randy, his wife and 2 daughters. This was a match made in heaven.


Michi and John Vogel in the San Jose area.

Big B and the Dahl Family

Bugs and the Clark Family

Jewel, with Corrine, Senora, and Steve

Lil B and the Fletcher Family

Yona and Paul Fleck

Kojika & Hollie
Our first Nif x Sato pup has left the nest with Hollie & Peter Arndt of Frankfort IL. she is to be their "Fawn Princess" Kojika Kojo.

We have another adoption, our Akarui Hajime born
3-11-03. She has found a new mom to spoil her,
June Schermerhorn of Ozark Mo.


Mystery and Angie although acquired in 2004 sent this current pic in 2006

Tsuki has gone home to his new family the Helmers.

Our Brindle Boy TRI~R MAXO'S Sonkei Densetsu is now in Iowa with the Jason and Sara Haines.
2007 SpringWinter 2007
Sonkei Densetsu "Kodie" growing up in Iowa agrees with him. He enjoys farming, camping, hunting and SNOW !! Jason and Sarah Haines have done a great job, thank you for the updated photos.

Our big red male has now been named TRI~R MAXO'S Kaze Toshi and moved
with the Hill Family to the Windy City.
Kaze 2yrs rightKaze 2yrs left
Kaze loves the Windy City and the Hill family. Looking great at 2 years with room to grow. Thank you for the updated photo, and for taking good care of Kaze.

Sayoku Kuma is at home with Bill in Colorado
Tai has been placed with Bruce and Tracy Beazley of Brunswick, Georgia and Doro has joined his new family, Jeffrey and Eileen Pruis of Pierson, near Grand Rapids, Michigan. Doro also has a new girlfriend Bailey, Look for great things to come from these two. Want to be in touch with Jeff and Eileen visit their site.
Tai and the Beazley's going home!
Tai, Tracey & Bruce

Doro, happy to be going to SANDY BEAR AKITAS to be with Bailey
Eileen Doro and Jeff Doro & Bailey inseperable
We are looking forward to our first birthdays in Spring 2003
TRI~R MAXO'S KEMUSHI NO WARTREK, with Tammy Haggard in Columbia for a show.
Kemushi & Tammy
IN MEMORY OF "MUSHI" 2001 - 2007