Tri-R and Maximum Overdrive Kennels

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Tri-R/Maximum Overdrive Akitas Introduction

If you are a new Akita owner seeking information on the breed, you will either find yourself relying heavily on books or the breeder from which you purchased your puppy. As you grow with your new baby, you discover that you want to know as much as you can. Often, you also find that one Akita may not be enough! Face it, you know you're hooked on them when their dignity and impressive appearance cannot be matched in your eyes by another breed of dog, and their loyalty and intelligence becomes justification enough to get "just one more".

As an admirer, you feel awe; as an owner, you feel happiness; as a breeder, intense pride is the word that comes to mind. You may get a chance to uncover what you dream of in an Akita and try to produce it; that is the only reason to want to breed your Akita.

The ultimate expression of pride is to venture into the Conformation Show Ring and share your accomplishments with others who share your commitment.

Even if you don't show or breed your Akita, you will still find pleasure in meeting and talking to other owners as proud parents do about their children. The Akita's history is long and fascinating. As breeders, we find that we can be a source of current history, and extend to you an invitation to ask further questions regarding our breeding program goals. Since this breed originated in Japan, I agree with the FCI standard, I believe that the Akita should look as exotic as its country of origin, Chris enjoys the benefits offered by American development. Together we strive to produce brilliant color, outstanding agility with impressive substance.