Tri-R and Maximum Overdrive Kennels

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Tri-R/Maximum Overdrive Akitas Philosophy

Tri-R and Maximum Overdrive Akitas have been raised on a holistic approach to maintaining good health. It is primarily a method of prevention, and in some cases can be used to heal minor problems. This natural rearing has been used in conjunction with conventional veterinarian medicine.

Through my research which began in 1990, I have had great success using herbs to combat a number of common ailments that affect the skin, allergic reactions, digestion and hormones. I have reduced the need for conventional methods for internal and external parasites with herbal formulas that include a source of vitamins and necessary minerals improving their overall health. Feel free to contact me for any specific health issues you feel might be alleviated with the use of herbal remedies.

I acquired most of my knowledge from books on herbs and their uses, and from Marina Zacharias (a distributor of natural products specifically for pet use). Her advice and referrals to holistic veterinarians has been invaluable to me, and could be useful to you as well. Feel free to call me if you would like additional information.